“Naoshi-ya” acupuncture and moxibustion clinic: “Naoshi” = Cure + “Ya” = Family

“Naoshi-ya acupuncture and moxibustion clinic” is an acupuncture clinic located in Tokyo, Japan. It opened in 1994 in front of Nishiogikubo station at Suginami-ward. With his 40 years’ experience of treating “the total of ten thousand clients”, Toshinobu Kadoya serves as the Principal of the clinic since the time of precursory “Shinshin-Kenkodo”: “Shinshin”=Body & Mind + “Kenkodo” = Hall of Well-being.

What is Naoshi-ya acupuncture and moxibustion clinic?

Naoshi-ya provides each individual client with customized therapy integrating acupuncture, Shiatsu massage, and counselling. Especially, its original acupuncture, “deep-muscle acupuncture” has been very popular among its clients for “melting” the stubborn chronical tension with just one needle, and many of them were so delighted, saying “I wish I could come here earlier!”.

Treatment Fees at Naoshi-ya

Naoshi-ya provides a unique method focusing acupuncture by therapist and self-care, effective for various symptoms manifesting at muscles, eyes, nerves, and mind comprehensively.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture and moxibustion therapy is part of Oriental medicine, treating slumping body and mind through with needles and moxa by certified acupuncture moxibustion therapists. It could ease tensions manifesting at fascia, muscle, and tendon in the body. It also has a power of improving blood circulation and eliciting innate natural healing capacity. By stimulating affected areas and acupressure points, self-restoring capacity is improved.

Area of specialty of Naoshi-ya

Chronical conditions specialized by Naoshi-ya acupuncture and moxibustion clinic:


The followings are prevalent chronical conditions. Many clients feel astonished by the resolution of persistent symptoms which had not been improved by other treatments for many years, but with just one needle.

●Stiff neck: office workers’ trouble around the world by using computers and smartphones, and long-hour sedentary work style.
●Panic disorder: panic is not just a brain disorder. It is attributed to tensions at neck, chest, and back.
●Frozen shoulder: annoying trouble affecting daily living.
●Stiff shoulder: prevalent troubling symptoms.
●Lower-back pain: becoming more prevalent with widespread use of computers and smartphones, and sedentary work style
●Sciatic: disorder with numbness or stich at hips or legs. This symptom could be eased by warming the tension at hips.
●Knee pain: it could affect daily living and fail the whole body.

◆Distinctive symptoms of our time centering sedentary work style

●Smartphone neck: using smartphone for a long time causes several symptoms including stiff neck.
●Tension at “mountains of back”: hard lump tension around back bones or shoulder blades. Original acupuncture technique of Naoshi-ya, by warming these parts.

Original acupuncture by a combination of deep-muscle acupuncture method and self-care:

By combining Naoshi-ya’s original “deep-muscle acupuncture method” and self-care, chronical tension and pain have been eased and become hard to relapse. Special acupuncture technique of melting longtime curdled affected areas by directly applying needles.

-Naoshi-ya’s unique “deep-muscle acupuncture method”:

Technique to reach deep muscle in depth not appearing on surface. Effective treatment for symptoms such as chronical pain and numbness by freely adjusting the depth and the number of needles.


Self-care is an original method to improve adhesive muscles of impaired blood circulation at the edge of bones, and we customize the teaching for each client’s symptoms and constitutions. By combining acupuncture treatment, altering symptoms and self-care, excellent for maintaining, we received many surprised voices from our clients of improving conditions and becoming hard to relapse.

Principal of Naoshi-ya: Toshinobu Kadoya

Our clinic aims to solve troubles of life affected by body and mind. You will feel refreshed boy and blight mind by visiting Naoshi-ya acupuncture and moxibustion clinic!!

Toshinobu Kadoya
Acupuncture and Moxibustion Certification Number: 16052, certified in 1983.
Born at Fukui-city, in Fukui prefecture; currently living at Izu-kogen.


How to receive Naoshi-ya treatment:

Please make a reservation by filling this form in advance.
Naoshi-ya is by advance reservation only; please make sure to make a reservation before your visit.

  • email: yoyaku@naoshiya.info
  • TEL: 03-5938-7048

No cancellation fee: before the day of treatment.
Full cancellation fee: the day of treatment.

For the first visit, please arrive at the clinic 15 mins before the start of treatment to fill in the interview sheet to understand your conditions.
There are closings to wear during the treatment, for male and female respectively.


TEL: 03-5938-7048
FAX: 03-5938-7049
Naoshi-ya acupuncture and moxibustion clinic
The seventh front bldg. 2F,
3-22-22 Nisiogi-kita, Suginami-ku,
Tokyo 167-0042, Japan
One min walking distance from the south exit of JR Nishiogikubo station
TEL: +81 (0)3-5938-7048
FAX: +81 (0)3-5938-7049

Working hours: from 9:00 am till 8:00 pm

Working days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday

Please be careful if coming by train as JR Chuo Rapid train stops at “Nishiogikubo” only on weekdays, please take JR Chuo Local – Sobu Line or Tokyo Metro Tozai Line bound for Mitaka if you come on weekends or on national holidays.