Ten times are the guideline number of treatments to recover from symptoms, depending on symptoms and individuals.

Most clients satisfied with the treatment at Naoshi-ya from the first time. For those whose etiology was not identified by the diagnosis from hospitals, and wait-and-see, or just prescribed pain killers, Naoshi-ya provides the best treatments from the perspective of acupuncture and moxibustion

Naoshi-ya’s treatment fee is by private practice only, not by various health insurance treatments.

If there’s any uncertainty or worry, please make an inquiry when making reservation or visiting the clinic.

The first treatment: JPY8,800 for 60min

*with fee of first consultation of JPY2,200 for the first visit only.

The first treatment acupuncture by principal: JPY11,000 for 60min

*with fee of first consultation of JPY2,200 for the first visit only.

Treatment fees from the second time visit

Therapist 60min 90min 120min
staff JPY6,600 JPY9,900 JPY13,200
Acupuncture by Principal JPY8,800 JPY13,200 JPY17,600

At Naoshi-ya, we provide each client with a therapy combining treatments suited for individual’s symptoms by counseling and diagnostic process with an interview. During the therapy, we also provide clients with counseling and health promotion couching, self- care.

Clients will not be charged for an additional fee for extended time of treatment by therapist’s side decision.

Fee for Cancellation & Rebooking

Naoshi-ya’s treatments are by advance reservation only for providing treatments suited for each client’s symptoms. For that, we charge for cancellation fee in order to provide treatments with as many clients as possible.

●Cancellation fee: 100% on the day of treatment only

1. For the cancellation on the day of treatment, 100% cancellation fee is charged, depending on the nature of treatments reserved.

Other Fees

“Fee of first consultation & Fee of return to clinic”
Fee of first consultation: JPY2,200
Fee of return to clinic: JPY2,200, only when relapsed more than one year since the previous visit

“Fee for extended time of treatment”
Principal: JPY1,300 for each 10min
Other staffs: JPY1,100 for each 10min
Fee for elementary students and younger
Normal Treatment: JPY4,400

Coupon tickets

Naoshi-ya also offers convenient value coupon of tickets; please feel free to ask a staff when visiting the clinic.

“Coupon of five tickets”
Regular: JPY31,000
Premium: JPY41,000 for Treatment A & B by Principal
The discount is by JPY2,000 for Regular and JPY3,000 for Premium

“Coupon of eleven tickets”
Regular: JPY66,000
Premium: JPY88,000 for Treatment A & B by Principal
The discount is equivalent to the fee of one treatment!

*Coupon tickets are valid for one year from the day of issue.

*All the fees include consumption tax.